Image From ..Athens-Clarke County Sheriffs Office
You can't make this stuff up. The facts are sometimes more bizarre than any fiction story Stephen King might conceive.

Earlier this month in Athens,GA Kristin Simmons, a 20-year old Georgia resident, wasn't driving very well. It was 8:40 pm on Nov. 7th when she was driving on the Georgia-10 Loop approaching the Oconee St. exit ramp.

She flipped her 1997 Honda Accord on a curve in the road and was upside down in the vehicle, according to passersby, and the police report from the Athens-Clark County Sheriff's Office. They told police that incredibly, she was still on the phone.

According to Hilda Sorrow from the sheriff's office, she was charged with under-age drinking; driving under the influence; failure to maintain a lane; and distracted driving --talking on her cell phone while driving.

Police said her breath smelled like alcohol and there were prescription pills in her car. Kristin posted the $8,500 bond and got out of jail.

Reckless and stupid is a tough way to go through life. Hopefully this mess will be a wake-up call. All I can say is that I hope whoever bailed out this kid (most likely mom or dad) gets her head straightened out fast.

The only thing she ought to be driving after that incident would be a bicycle... for a long, long time. And as for her cell phone, let mom or dad take a mallet to it. When kids are given vehicles to drive, we've got to be certain they're mature enough to understand the huge responsibility that comes with it.