With the long holiday weekend here, gasoline stations along major routes may increase their prices as they expect plenty of carefree travelers to pump their gasoline. This is the norm as stations try to take advantage of holiday travelers that aren't taking time to shop around. Be sure when you head out the door if you're going somewhere to check ahead of time for the best gasoline prices.

Also, make sure to report to us those prices along your travels! Team up with us to tell other motorists what stations are raising their prices. We offer a mobile website (http://m.gasbuddy.com) or just type in "m" instead of "www" on any GasBuddy site to get right to your local prices, such as "http://m.chicagogasprices.com" and you'll have quick access to a mobile version of the site.

Check out the Trip Cost Calculator to route your trip using the cheapest gasoline and save money as well. More importantly perhaps- DRIVE SAFE! With thousands of our faithful GasBuddy users hitting the roads, we hope that you travel safe and reach your destination with no problems.

Lastly, as many head out, remember what Memorial Day is- a day to give thanks and remember all those who have perished fighting for our freedom and lifestyle.

Take care- and come back and check out our next blog post, scheduled for Tuesday!