If you dislike getting lower fuel economy or just plain don't like E15 (E10 is bad enough), you may want to pay attention.

A growing number of pro-ethanol lobbies are trying to get your lawmakers to approve expanding or shifting tax credits from E10 to E15, which would mean gas stations would be given the same tax advantages to selling E15, which is just one less thing in the way of them selling E15.

For different ways and a guide to contact your lawmakers, click here. It will take a lot of us to slowing down E15, a fuel which may lead to higher corn prices, higher food prices, higher inflation, lower fuel economy, and higher fuel prices.

Today, ethanol is selling for more than gasoline. Putting more ethanol content in gasoline will not only result in lower fuel efficiency, but raise prices at the pump.

You likely know that I'm not a fan of using a main food ingredient to make ethanol, I hope those who see the disadvantages to ethanol step up and contact your lawmakers. Without doing so, we risk E15, and higher food prices. Renewable energy is the future, but not by using corn-based ethanol!