It's a fact that many know about ethanol- it contains less energy than conventional gasoline, and results in lower fuel efficiency. Some states have moved towards "hiding" ethanol content in gasoline, so how does your state stack up?

Fifteen states do not require labeling gasoline that contains ethanol, so if you live in a state not listed below, be sure to check your gas pump to see if there's ethanol present!
The fifteen states that don't require stations to tell you if the gasoline contains ethanol: (alphabetically) California, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Ohio.

What is amazing to me is that some states, such as Michigan, used to require states to label pumps that sold gasoline with ethanol, but have since removed that requirement. States should ultimately all require pumps selling gasoline with ethanol to be labeled. Motorists should be given the clear choice of buying gasoline blended with ethanol or buying 100% conventional gasoline.

Do you avoid stations that sell gasoline with ethanol? How do you feel about states not requiring stations to label their pumps if they have ethanol present? Bottom line: motorists should be able to know exactly what they're buying, not having to guess or investigate.