A report last month from KSPR-TV, the ABC-TV affiliate in Mount Vernon, MO, raises a disturbing question: Why is it OK for cops to drive while distracted?

KSPR said a Kansas cop may be in hot water after someone snapped a picture of him texting and driving. Officials in the Ozarks, however, say sometimes it's part of the job.

In Missouri, as long as you're over 21, there's no law against getting in the car and texting while driving. Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay said “Police officers are probably some of the most distracted drivers because of the technology we rely on to do our job.”

That's why he's not all that surprised to see a picture of a Wichita, Kan., cop texting and driving.

“It’s not something we should be doing by policy but it probably does happen,” DeLay added.

In Kansas, it's illegal to text and drive. That's why the man who took the picture tweeted it out, saying 'I can't text and drive, but y'all can?'

It turns out it is legal for Kansas police to text and drive if it is work related. That specific incident, however, is being investigated.

KSPR noted that it's a conversation many police and sheriff's departments are having across Missouri and, it may not be an exaggeration to say that these discussions are occurring nationwide.

Clearly, it's a challenge for police to figure out how to manage the demands and the increasing amount of technology in police cars and drive safely at the same time.

Do police drive safely where you live, or, do you think they may sometimes put themselves and other motorists unnecessarily at risk?