Candy Burnett is an extreme commuter; (90 minutes each way from her home in Lynchburg, VA to her job in Rocky Mount) so her gas mileage is critical to her.

And for the past two or three years, she's been filling up at stations that sell pure, ethanol-free gas, according to the Lynchburg News and Advance.

"It's good for the car; it gets better mileage," she said. She even said that when she takes her car in for regular maintenance she's told that her engine looks cleaner.

In her area some retailers sell both E-10, the regular gas that contains up to 10% ethanol, and, ethanol-free fuel. One retailer who just started selling 90-octane ethanol-free gas only two weeks ago says he has growing customer demand for it. "People are very excited about it," said Sapan Sachdeva, a partner in Burley's Market at 14074 Wards Road, Lynchburg.

Others in the area are selling 87-octane, ethanol-free gas too.
Of course, there's a downside to the ethanol-free gas and that's the cost. Often the ethanol-free gas can be 10 to 15 cents more per gallon than the E-10.

Nonetheless, with gas prices going as high as they are, more consumers who have the option to buy pure, ethanol-free gas are doing so. Maybe the prevailing attitude is simply that 'I'm already paying more... I might as well get gas that delivers quality instead of engine build-up.' Basically, people are willing to pay more because they believe it's a better buy.

In some states (Florida is one of them) it's illegal to sell anything other than E-10, other than for boats, motorcycles, small engines (lawn equipment)and classic vehicles. Gas stations that do sell the ethanol-free blend will often label it as "Recreational Fuel."

Technically, the states where it is illegal are supposed to police the practice and, in theory, there are fines for stations that violate rules about which customers can buy ethanol-free blend and for which purposes.

Hopefully more of us will be able to make a choice! Whatever you decide is up to you. Local governments should find better things to do than worry about what kind of gas you choose to run your car or truck. It's your business and nobody else's.