One player is dead and another faces DUI and manslaughter charges. Last weekend left defensive tackle Josh Brent, 24, was arrested after an alcohol-related crash left his friend, Jerry Brown, a 25-year old practice squad linebacker, dead. Clearly, the Dallas Cowboys have bigger problems off the field than they have on it.

And perhaps the same can be said of every professional sports team who have a majority of players who tend to drink. Too many drink too much and make bad decisions; like getting behind the wheel of their vehicle.

Irving Police spokesman John Argumaniz said this was not Brent's first DUI. He pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge three years ago at Illinois, where both he and Brown played football.

Argumaniz said Brent missed a 10 a.m. Saturday booking session with a judge because he was still intoxicated.

And now, Calvin Hill, a former player and current consultant for the Cowboys, tells USA TODAY that the team is considering mandating that Cowboys players have electronic devices designed to immobilize vehicles when a driver is impaired. The device, called SafeKey, includes a fob that is attached to the key ring which sends electronic signals to a device that can prevent a car from starting if a driver doesn't pass a test based on color-coded light emissions.

Is that the answer? Minimize the damage because we can't expect athletes who've been coddled through high school and college to step into a real world that actually has consequences?

Is that all any sports franchise can do? Treat these valuable commodities like unruly children who cannot be expected to function like responsible citizens?

Somewhere we've lost the notion of 'personal responsibility.' Is that asking too much? Should we not expect grown men to make responsible decisions and stand accountable for their actions?

Is this a good move? Should sports teams mandate electronic devices on their players' vehicles?