Remember when we reported back in November about a woman in upstate NY who was so engrossed in her cell phone conversation that she crashed into cows in the road? Distracted driver hits six cows ?

Believe it or not some more distracted driving has resulted in the needless death of 20 cattle, this time outside of Casper, Wyoming.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, a crash occurred earlier this month when a semi-truck carrying 71 cows collided with a pickup along West Yellowstone Highway. WHP said one driver failed to obey a stop sign, while the other was texting.

Tyler Larson, 29, was driving east on the highway in a semi hauling cattle when Donald Wade, 55, is believed to have pulled out in front of him. The two trucks collided, sending both into a dirt area off to the south of the road.

The crash seriously injured both drivers, who were rushed to the ER from the scene. Each driver received two citations, according to Lt. Klief Guenther of the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Wade was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign resulting in an accident and for not wearing a seat belt. Larson was cited for texting while driving a commercial vehicle and for not wearing a seat belt.

Guenther said 71 cattle is a large quantity of livestock to be moving at once, and that he suspected some of the cows were yearlings or not yet full grown, though he could not confirm that detail.