With fall maintenance in full swing at some refineries, let's take a peek at what's going on in the world of petroleum refining.

According to the Wall Street Journal in a story, here are the latest happenings at U.S. facilities. Note: This report also includes upgrades and other such happenings at some facilities. I'll include a snapshot of Midwest refineries and West Coast refineries. For others, click though the link above.


Shell- Martinez, CA- Wet gas compressor shut Sept 9 due to mechanical failure; flaring and emissions were reported to environmental regulators.

Conoco- Wilmington, CA- Unplanned flaring due to unknown causes reported to state environmental regulators.

Conoco- Ferndale, WA- An alkylation unit and butamer shut following a pump fire early June 15, an environmental agency said. The refinery continues to operate, co. said June 15.


BP- Whiting, IN- White Oak pipeline transporting finished product to 2 Illinois terminals was ahead of an excavation that began Aug. 17 to find a leak., Co. said Aug. 18.

BP/Husky- Toledo, OH- Crude oil throughput reduced by unspecified amount owing to Enbridge's crude oil pipeline leak/closure on July 26.

Exxon- Joliet, IL- Co. confirms Fri. compressor snag on Aug 28 at unspecified equipment. All other operations normal while compressor repairs continue.

Marathon- St. Paul, MN- On-site emergency crew extinguishes fire on Sept. 1. No injuries or off-site impact. Impact on operations unclear.

Frontier- El Dorado, KS- Three sulfur-recovery units restarted shortly after going offline because of a storm Sept. 15, Co. said Sept. 16.


Refineries will likely continue maintenance until early-to-mid November before the heating season begins.