Money saving... snow plows? For those who live in cold climates where snow is commonplace in winter, you know that plowing costs add up. Some states have identified a new type of plow truck that aims to reduce manpower costs- essentially a plow that can throw snow out of two lanes at once- a new feat- and it all means savings for taxpayers.

The plows were introduced in the Lower 48 in 2005, first in Missiouri. So far, 17 states are using them, as are Canadian road maintenance crews. Even California bought one to clear the snowy Donner Summit route, according to news reports. The tandem-style snow plow and tow truck covers two lanes at a time, saving snow removal departments equipment and personnel costs. According to Viking Cives LTD, the company that developed the plow, the cost of a new Tow Plow is $93,000 and with regular maintenance it can last 30 years compared to the 10-year lifespan of a standard plow. According to officials, a typical plow costs $200,000 and lasts 20 years less than what a tow plow would last.

Some drivers might be alarmed by the sight the first time they encounter it, said Michael Coffey, Alaska statewide maintenance engineer. "We want to make sure that drivers aren't caught off-guard and understand that the plow is working as intended."

Check out video below from Missouri's DOT.