The Chicago Auto Show recently opened to the general public, and having checked out the show last week before the public (and thankfully a much quieter experience)- I can easily say that there's much to be excited about when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

There was an abundance of new fuel efficient vehicles- some gasoline and some diesel. Technology wise- it's really amazing to see how cars are integrating computing power, apps, and where the technology will take us.

Wifi hotspots, smartphone integration, bluetooth technology- all are likely to be options on your next car. Screens take the place of some gauges in cars as well- showing a host of different information- from tire pressure, to weather forecasts, to gas prices (and GasBuddy data!)- if you're looking for a new vehicle you've likely seen this.

Beyond in car technology, there's also plenty of new features under the hood as well. Transmissions now have upwards of 9-speeds, engines ranging from E85 to CNG to diesel in a variety of sizes. Some cars boast forced induction like turbochargers, superchargers, a Volvo engine upcoming even has both! All in the sake of fuel efficiency.

I was particularly amazed at a Jeep Grand Cherokee that boasted 30mpg out of it's V6 diesel, with over 400-pound feet of torque. Inside, there was a Bluray player, two headrest screens for passengers in the back, an AC power outlet, HDMI inputs for both TVs- it was truly amazing what vehicles have become.

Before I give all the surprises, I would definitely recommend to all GasBuddy users- check out upcoming vehicle lineups- they're as fuel efficient as ever, and with amazing technology inside and under the hood, there's never been more excitement in a new vehicle.