Sometimes you just have to wonder. If there was a car you liked so much that you just HAD to have it... and you were even willing to rob a bank to get it, I could sympathize if the car was a Lamborghini. Or Porsche. Or Maserati. But a 1980s Chrysler Fifth Avenue that your 83-year old neighbor is unloading for $2,200? Are you kidding?

We're not kidding. That was the vehicle that compelled 51-year old Gail Castle to rob a bank. Just so she could get the money to buy the car.

Here's what CBS13 reports: Ms. Castle had been pestering an 83-year-old man for about a month to buy his car for $2,200. When she asked for a test drive the seller declined. "She said ‘would you trust me to drive the car?'" and the seller said, ‘I wouldn't trust you to back it out of the driveway.'" When he took the wheel instead, Castle claimed she needed to go to the bank to get the money for the car. He agreed to drive her there.

Little did he know that he would become the unwitting getaway driver in a morning bank hold-up. CBS13 said "It was a wild ride that began at a Bank of America in downtown Manteca, and ended at the elderly man’s home."

“She kind of pulled the top of her purse open, like this and leaned it toward me and said, ‘well I got the money,” said the man.

It was loot from allegedly robbing the bank.

“When she came out of the bank, I didn’t know myself that she robbed the bank,” the victim said. “She slipped a note to the teller and told her to give her money, and nobody would get hurt,” the elderly man said.

With about $2,000 in hand, the woman jumped in the car and the pair took off. The senior citizen didn’t know he was behind the wheel of the accused bank robber’s getaway car.

After a short drive, he realized something was wrong. “She says ‘don’t open the door, I got a gun,’ ” he said.

Officers swarmed the car just a few feet from his driveway.

“They had their guns drawn as soon as they got out of the door, automatic shotguns, pistols, rifles,” the elderly man said.

With his hands up, the elderly man surrendered.

“I could have got killed right there; they could have shot me,” he said.

It didn’t take long for police to realize the elderly man was the victim, and they quickly cuffed Castle.