It's been well talked about in the media lately that gasoline prices in California have skyrocketed. I've heard multiple times that California is leading the nation higher, something that would suggest that California is seeing the largest increases of any area.

Perhaps its because I'm an obnoxious fact-checker that I had to look into this, and was indeed expecting California to take the cake- but what I found was astonishing.

California wasn't even near the top- the list was dominated by virtually dozens of cities that aren't even close to California. So who's motorists win the title of the biggest gas price increases in the last 5 weeks?

Gary, Indiana, where prices have risen on average a whopping 76c/gal. Yipes! That's insane, mind boggling, frustrating, annoying, I'm sure I could add millions more similar words. Where else have prices been rising so quickly?

Chicago, IL, up 70c/gal,
Lansing, MI, up 69c/gal,
Flint, MI, up 67c/gal,
Milwaukee, WI, up 67c/gal,
Kalamazoo, MI, up 66c/gal,
Grand Rapids, MI, up 64c/gal,
Fort Wayne, IN, up 63c/gal.

The list goes on, and includes surprises such as Spokane, WA, Boise, ID, Provo, UT, St. Louis, MO, Denver, CO, Green Bay, WI.

I have to go all the way down to 28th place to see the first Californian city, Santa Barbara, that's risen 49c/gal over the same timeframe.

I think all of these cities may be deserving of an award, but clearly, the media should tell the real story- there's pain at the pump everywhere, even more so outside of California.