As Tropical Storm Bonnie fizzled, Gulf coast residents could breathe a sigh of relief. Ships, boats, platforms, equipment, and people are returning to the site of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP is quite close to finishing a relief well, and since TS Bonnie has completely dissipated, operations are getting back to full force. BP is working today to reconnect equipment to the drilled well, a step that company officials expect to take several days.

Most vessels evacuated the site last week after Bonnie developed, disrupting operations over concerns of large seas and winds that could make the chaotic area dangerous.

Meanwhile, pressure inside the temporary cap is approaching 7,000psi, increasing ever so slowly.

Engineers now believe BP is just a week or two away from pumping heavy mud and concrete into the well to completely seal it, effectively ending the rupture nearly a mile under the surface of the Gulf.

It won't end there for many Gulf Coast residents who will likely see reminders of the leak for years to come. TS Bonnie did some good in that regard, mixing the oil and diluting it with wind and waves.