After huge security breaches at Target Corp. and Neiman Marcus in the last month, the National Association of Convenience Stores is sounding another alert: Bluetooth-enabled skimmers at fuel pumps.

According to NACS, thirteen people have been charged with stealing millions from banking information intercepted by skimmers at gas stations in South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia.

There's some good news, according to Naked Security: at least 13 people have been indicted for the act that took place across the South and East.

“By using skimming devices planted inside gas station pumps, these defendants are accused of fueling the fastest growing crime in the country,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. “Cyber-criminals and identity thieves are not limited to any geographic region, working throughout the world behind computers. In this case, the defendants are charged with stealing personal identifying information from victims in southern states, used forged bank cards on the East Coast, and withdrew stolen proceeds on the West Coast.”

Payment security remains a top priority at NACS, an organization representing thousands of convenience stores and gas stations across all fifty states. NACS is working to alert gas stations and stores to the possibility of skimmers, but motorists should remain vigilant and check their banking accounts often for quick detection.