How many of you have tried using fuel economy enhancing pills, additives, or other gadgets that claim to boost your fuel economy? I'm telling you today that no matter what your results, you should always approach devices or products with claims of better fuel economy with skepticism.

I've seen a lot of things I've laughed at, and some that seem more likely to help, but just remember- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are likely thousands of products that claim to boost your fuel economy, but how many of them actually work? Not many, and there are several lawsuits going on to stop bogus claims from such devices.

I've tried some of these things and I've heard from some of you, too. The fuel pills are one of the things that comes to my mind, but there are also electric, car chips, additives, etc. The bottom line is that these devices rarely yield any gain in fuel economy and many times can send your vehicle to the maintenance shop. (READ MORE!)

So what works best? You'll likely yield the best increase in fuel economy by doing something for free- changing your driving habits, and driving less aggressively. Besides that, you won't be taking a chance on spending money on something that doesn't work or breaks your vehicle.

If there was a 100% proven idea that was so great, many car manufacturers would likely have implemented the idea already. The problem is that some people don't think through claims and purchase "fuel saving" devices on impulse.

What do you use to boost your fuel economy, and do you have good evidence that supports your claim? I simply slow down and relax- it offers me better fuel economy than my car is rated, and keeps more money in my pocket. Can't go wrong with that!