The nation's attention focused on Warren, Ohio this week for all the wrong reasons. On Sunday morning at 7 am, a 19-year old unlicensed driver lost control of the Honda Passport she was driving and she and five other occupants, all teenagers, were killed. Two others in the vehicle survived.

Published reports indicated that the exact whereabouts of the driver and passengers was unknown. Where they had been and where they were going... some expressed that they had an idea but nobody seemed to know.

According to the Miami Herald, Brian Henry, 18, one of two survivors of the crash said the crash occurred as the vehicle rounded a stretch of road known as "Dead Man's Curve." He told police it felt like the SUV was going 80 mph.

He said he told the driver to slow down before the vehicle sped down a 35-mph road and into the water.

"I blanked out for a little bit and then the truck was upside-down in the water," he told a trooper. "There was air in the truck but it was filling with water. I used my right elbow to break out the back window."

And in Aurora, CO yesterday, Aurora police say one young person was killed and three others are injured after their car crashed while the driver was reportedly practicing a stunt; 'J-turns'.

Lt. Chuck DeShazer says that their sedan went out of control Sunday night and slammed into a vacant mobile home.

He says a passenger in the back seat was killed and the driver was critically injured, while the two other occupants were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. All four are under age 17.

DeShazer says two occupants reported the driver was performing a maneuver in which the car spins halfway around, and during one of them the car careened out of control.

If one thing is certain from all this, it's that teens should not drive without responsible adults in the vehicle at the same time. Add teen passengers to the mix and the potential consequences grow exponentially. It's human nature.

Many of us made reckless choices when we were their age and we're lucky to be able to talk about them today. We still need to trust them but they need to earn our trust too. Share your concerns openly and honestly and let them know it's their responsibility to mitigate the risk.