BP 'to go'
BP is rolling out a fresh new image for some of its convenience stores and offering the branding to many other station owners.

"When the need for a fresh, flexible and affordable retail image was identified, we collaborated with our branded marketers to create the 'to go' retail image," said Amy Abraham, vice president marketing and communications for BP. "Every site is different in layout and service offerings, so 'to go' offers our branded marketers the option to select from a variety of elements to fit their needs, while enhancing the overall retail experience."

The new retail image package includes a variety of elements to suit various convenience store layouts, building exteriors and price sign (also known as MID displays). These elements are designed to blend seamlessly with existing BP brand designs and are flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of small- and large-format sites.

"As a BP branded marketer, we're excited to host the new BP 'to go' image within our marketplace," said Joe Aliperta, brands coordinator at Parent Petroleum, St. Charles, Illinois, USA. "The locations we've upgraded thus far have received very positive feedback from consumers. We're thrilled that BP worked with its branded marketers to develop this fresh new look for our convenience stores."

BP branded marketers can place orders for the "to go" elements immediately. To be eligible for "to go," sites must have passed their latest two Helios shops, and BP recommends that they have at least 1,000 square feet of c-store retail space.

London-based BP, with U.S. headquarters in La Palma, California, and Warrenville, Illinois (East), markets more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline every year to U.S. consumers through more than 11,000 BP- and ARCO-branded retail outlets and supplies more than four billion gallons of fuel annually to fleets, industrial users, auto and truck manufacturers, railroads and utilities.