BP this morning states that well integrity test was looking good- pressure continues to rise, currently at 6700psi. Nothing shows negative evidence of any oil leaking. Two ROVs watching the base, no leaks.

4 ROVs also shooting sonar to detect breaching, no negative impact detected. Seismic survey to be run soon- this is a key piece of information. If there is any leak underground, this will likely pick up the breach. The data will take 24 hours to evaluate once testing is done.

Relief wells have been restarted after pausing. This is a critical time- a time of extreme precision. Things will move slowly to ensure accuracy. They will soon be pulling out of the relief well to run ranging tests to get the most reliable information. They pull out the equipment and drop a wire line, then get back to drilling.

If an opening of the cap vents are necessary, the decision will be made by the National Incident Commander. BP will release a press update if any opening of vents are necessary.