Audi Concept
Auto enthusiasts beware: you may have to pick your jaw up off the floor after reading this article: Audi released a concept RS TDI that packs an unbelievable punch and I want one now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast- *now*.

The concept car is powered by an insane 3.0-liter biturbo boosted by an electrically driven turbocharger. Remember those days when people would laugh when someone bought an "electric supercharger" off eBay? Well electric turbos are here, and they're propelling this concept to 100km/h (62.1mph) in just four seconds with its 385hp and tire scorching 553lb-ft of torque.
“25 years ago, Audi launched the first TDI on the market, writing the first chapter of an enduring success story,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development. “Our latest innovation is the electric turbocharger, which further improves not just sprint times and pulling power, but also efficiency. This technology illustrates the possibilities harbored by 48-volt electrical systems, which we are currently developing for use in production vehicles.”
Perhaps the best part is the fuel economy that this diesel touted during testing: 44.4 mpg, or 5.3 liters of diesel per 100km- for a machine with this much power and torque, these fuel economy numbers are the icing on a massive, massive cake, which is the RS 5 TDI concept.
Recuperation is the primary source of the drive energy for the electric turbocharger. To transmit this energy, the RS 5 TDI concept uses a separate 48-volt electrical system that is connected to the conventional 12-volt electrical system via a DC/DC converter. The energy is stored in a compact lithium-ion battery. The advantage of 48-volt electrical systems is that they enable the transmission of larger amounts of energy. This makes them an important milestone in the Audi electrification strategy.