You drive into the city for dinner at one of your favorite restaurants but what if there's no place to park the car? Audi now solves the problem; they've got an app for that. It's called 'ParkMe'.

According to, Audi is tapping Inrix's parking spot data so you can find a car-friendly space from within its dashboard navigation platform. After telling the car where you want to go, you'll have the option to see parking info at the journey's end, including the nearest locations, operating hours, prices and real-time space availability, depending on what data is available from each garage. The app will also direct you straight to the entrance of the lot, and for additional peace of mind, you can even see what the street entrance of the parking facility looks like because Google Street View will show you. The app even lets you pay for it too.

It's already working in Europe, says John Challen, of He says: "The new offering, which is being rolled out to Audi Connect users at no added cost, provides detailed analysis of the best off-street parking options at 34,000 parking garages and structures across Europe.

Audi drivers who use the service can get turn-by-turn directions to the parking structures, as well as rates and hours. In some cases, the service will even show the number of parking spots available in the garage.

Finding a parking garage can be especially challenging in urban areas where a garage may be located on a one-way street opposite from the building's entrance.

Audi is the first auto maker to roll out the new offering from INRIX, which historically has provided its traffic navigation service to device makers and auto manufacturers. Parking information represents a major move in a new area.

"With drivers looking for parking accounting for up to a third of all traffic in our cities, INRIX Park demonstrates how new data driven services can help drivers save time and frustration on the road," says Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of INRIX.

The service is available immediately on more than 100,000 Audi vehicles on the road. Sounds like something that could become a standard feature for many vehicles... would you want this in your car? I sure would!