Just last month GasBuddy reported Virginia's interest in creating a new Toll Road Authority that would construct, operate and maintain toll roads statewide. And this new bureaucracy would assume control of the state's Dept. of Transportation.

The state house favors a plan already approved by Governor Bob McConnell to sell the naming rights to roads and bridges and on top of all that representatives say they've got to increase the Virginia gas tax to ensure more money for transportation.

Sound familiar? It should... That's what we're hearing from Iowa, Maryland, Michigan and other states too.

The Virginia state Senate is proposing that the gas tax be annually adjusted and indexed to inflation on highway construction materials, and that by doing just that, it would generate an estimated $123.6 million each year from now untl 2018.

Virginia's gas tax of 17.5 cents per gallon has not increased since 1986 and staunch opposition there oppose any change.

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder is proposing a 9-cent increase in the gas tax and 58 percent of Michigan residents surveyed said they opposed the plan.

Are you surprised that there isn't greater opposition to the proposed tax hike in Michigan? Or do you think tax increases are the only way to pay for new roads and highways, and maintaining the ones we have?