Nebraska may become the next state to remove labels letting motorists know that their gasoline contains ethanol.

From Bloomberg:
Motorists may notice fewer ethanol signs at Nebraska gas pumps if lawmakers pass a proposal that would allow stations to remove labels for blends containing less than 11 percent of the additive.

Lawmakers are slated to vote Tuesday on a measure that would repeal the state's current law, which requires labeling if the mixture contains at least 1 percent ethanol.

The bill by Sen. Mark Christensen, of Imperial, would eliminate all ethanol labeling requirements. An amendment proposed by the Legislature's Agriculture Committee would limit the labeling requirement to gas with more than 11 percent ethanol, such as the E-15 blend.

Nebraska is one of 19 states nationally that impose labeling requirements for blends with 1 percent ethanol or more. Ron Lamberty, a vice president the American Coalition for Ethanol, said labels often create the mistaken impression ethanol can damage engines.

I, for one, don't understand how having less information at the pump is helpful, but then again the corn lobby knows people dislike ethanol, and removing the label requirement would help quell those people who don't like it.

Should we stop labeling the nutritional information in food because we don't like what it says? Absolutely not. Knowing what is in a product is extremely helpful, but when the corn lobby buys lawmakers, I guess its an easy request to ask for.

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