Some of you may have suspected this already, but... a study completed by Allstate Insurance says drivers in Washington, DC get into a crash and file a claim once every 4.7 years making them 112 percent more likely to do so than a typical driver anywhere else in the U.S. Yes, DC drivers are the worst!

Nationwide, the average driver gets into wreck once a decade.

Baltimore is second on the national list which appears below:

Before you jump to the bad news let's have some good news first. The city with the safest drivers is Sioux Falls, SD and in larger metro areas, the safest cities include Tucson, Ariz., Milwaukee, Wis., and Kansas City, MO.

(With all of Washington DC's crashes, police now say they're trying to reduce the problems there by adding traffic cameras. Not red-light cameras, either. They're putting them at STOP signs. They're using 24 cameras to issue tickets with $50 fines for running stop signs and they'll be placed mostly around schools.)

Here's the Allstate list of cities where drivers are the worst:

1. Washington, DC (112 percent greater-than-avg. crash frequency)
2. Baltimore, MD (87.9)
3. Providence, RI (80.9)
4. Hialeah, FL (77.6)
5. Glendale, CA (77.5)
6. Philadelphia, PA (64.1)
7. Alexandria, VA (62.6)
8. Newark, NJ (59.4)
9. Miami, FL ( 58.4)
10. San Francisco, CA (54.6)
11. Jersey City, NJ ( 53.9)
12. Arlington, VA (53.0)
13. Tampa, FL (50.2)
14. Los Angeles, CA (48.5)
15. Paterson, NJ (46.9)
16. Fullerton, CA (42.7)
17. Garland, TX (41.6)
18. Elizabeth, NJ (41.5)
19. Bridgeport, CT (41.2)
20. New York, NY (41.1)
21. New Haven, CT (37.5)
22. Torrance, CA (36.7)
23. Norfolk, VA (36.3)
24. Yonkers, NY (36.2)
25. Arlington, TX (35.4)

Maybe the answer is to send all the politicians home? If they don't accomplish much at least the streets will be safer!