Nine of 10 licensed drivers would consider buying a self-driving car if it meant paying a lot less for insurance, a new survey by says.

The survey asked consumers if they would buy -- or consider buying -- an autonomous vehicle if they could get an 80 percent discount on their auto insurance.

Thirty-four percent of respondents said they "very likely" would buy a self-driving vehicle and 56 percent said they would consider it if such an insurance discount was offered. Would you?

About 20 percent of respondents said they would buy a self-driving vehicle if one was available with or without an insurance discount.

Despite nonautomotive companies such as Google working to develop autonomous vehicles, most respondents (54 percent) said they were more inclined to trust an automaker than a software company to develop the vehicles.

Eighteen percent said they would trust electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors, 15 percent said they would trust Google or Microsoft, and 12 percent responded that they would trust consumer product companies such as Apple or Samsung.

Asked what they would do with free time in an autonomous vehicle, 26 percent of respondents said text or talk with friends, 21 percent said read and 10 percent said sleep.

Apparently, if they're doing something other than driving that might be a good thing. Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 95 percent of accidents are caused by human error, but autonomous features could dramatically change that number.

Google robotics visionary Sebastian Thrun has predicted that autonomous vehicles could reduce traffic accidents by 90 percent. Do you believe you might see that happen in your lifetime?