If you're a 'lead-foot' driver, this item's for you.  Hyundai's 2015 Genesis is capable of outsmarting speed cameras with a combination of GPS and braking technology.

Speaking in Seoul at the launch of the Hyundai Genesis, company spokesman Guido Schenken told journalists that the car could identify speed cameras and slow down if drivers are going too fast.

"It knows there is a speed camera there, it knows where the speed camera is and it will adopt the correct speed," he says. "It will beep 800 meters before a camera and show the legal speed, and it will beep at you if your speed is over that."

The Genesis, a luxury sedan designed to be a cut price alternative to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, features a suite of high-tech driver aids that include an active cruise control system that will apply the brakes to maintain a safe distance to the car in front.

It also has automated emergency braking technology that will stop the car to prevent a collision.

By coupling those self-braking systems with camera locations loaded into the car's navigation software, the car will warn drivers ahead of speed traps and slow down if required.This speed camera a feature will not be available on the first models of the Genesis, which becomes available in October, but will be released eventually.

The feature works for fixed speed cameras and average speed cameras, though it will not give drivers an advantage over mobile speed cameras or the highway patrol.

The Genesis will also come with a number of other features. These include a blind spot detection system to check for cars, a lane departure warning assistance that keeps the car on the road and emergency braking if an upcoming hazard is detected.  Details on the vehicle price and U.S. launch have not been disclosed.