It's a beast. 662 horsepower. 631 lbs.-ft. of torque. Top speed could surpass 200 mph. That's the latest Ford Mustang V-8 which has just been certified as the most powerful series production V-8 in the world.

Made in Flat Rock, Mich., the car delivers 112 horsepower more than the 2012 model, and, it even improves on fuel efficiency, getting 1 mpg more (city and highway) with estimated mileage at 15 mpg (city) and 24 mpg (hwy) for 18 mpg combined.

Acknowledging top speeds in excess of 200 mph, Car and Driver magazine says: "Chew on that, Camaro ZL1. Heck; chew on that, Corvette Z06, with your piddling 198 mph. Overall, Ford says the 2013 GT500 has 33 percent more downforce at 160 mph than its predecessor. With a factory Mustang joining the 200-mph club, drivers will appreciate standard Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers in the front and larger rotors and new pads at all four corners."

Car and Driver also said: "The GT500 tops the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG by 99 hp. It beats the mighty Cadillac CTS-V by 106. For heaven’s sake, the GT500 has 232 more horsepower than does the base Corvette. Even the gladiatorial Vette ZR1 falls shy, at 638 hp and 604 lb-ft."

Ford is not confirming the price just yet, but USA TODAY reported that the 2013 GT500's horsepower is matched by only a handful of exotic vehicles going for upwards of $100,000. MSN says Ford's suggested retail price will be $54,995.

Clearly, cars like these don't come around very often. And in the U.S. with CAFE standards pressing manufacturers to go green, reduce horse power and shrink engines... the 2013 GT500 might be a Ford Mustang milestone edition that perhaps will not be trumped for many years. Did we mention the 662 horses? That's not a typo.