It's been a long time, friends and fans! Exactly 14 years ago today is when Jason Toews, now co-Founder of GasBuddy, started coding the website that would turn into It has been a long journey, and very successful, thanks to the users who report prices and the members who continue participating.
It took Jason several weeks before GasBuddy hit the web, which occurred in June, 2000, with the launch of It was first built for tracking prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which now has it's own website:
The site has seen many many changes, and prizes have evolved to the current $100 gas card daily prize from the quarterly prizes that had been awarded a decade ago. And while 14 years has brought many changes to our website and apps, our belief remains unchanged, and that is:
Give you control over what price you pay at the pump!
We will always keep that motto near and dear, and everything we do here will echo that principal- we're here to save you money, to give you the control to pay the price you want.
We wouldn't be here without each and everyone of you, and we're excited to see what the future holds, and discover other ways that we can save you money at the pump.