Here's one that should brighten your day. Last week a small boy from Colorado took control of a runaway car — after learning how to drive by playing "Mario Kart."

The AP reports that Gryffin Sanders of Golden, CO was riding in the car with his 4-year-old brother when their 74-year-old great-grandmother, Darlene Nestor, was driving near the east Colorado town of Hugo. Suddenly, she passed out in mid-sentence. Gryffin, who was sitting in the front seat, says he realized the car was veering into oncoming traffic, so he took the wheel and steered the vehicle into a muddy ditch at about 60 mph.

The boys, who were visiting relatives, weren't injured in the crash, but Nestor was flown to a Colorado Springs hospital to be treated for a possible heart attack.

Speeding at 60mph — and heading toward oncoming traffic — he safely steered the 4x4 into a muddy ditch on the side of the road.

Gryffin and his little 4-year-old brother, who were being driven to see relatives near Denver, escaped unharmed.

Way to go Gryffin!!

A passerby dialed 911 and Nestor was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Colorado Springs, where she is said to be recovering.

"I tried to wake her up at first," Gryffin told 9News. "My first thought was actually, is this a test or what?"

"I wanted us to get somewhere where we could out of the way of traffic, I guess," he added.

The avid Nintendo fan said it was the hours he spends playing the popular video game that helped him keep a cool head.