What college student doesn't want a Mustang? Back in the day when I had my heart set on one, a friend of the family who was a police detective let it be known that teenagers and Mustangs were not a good mix --from an insurance point of view. And to add insult to injury he threw in the fact that Mustangs were among the top vehicles desired by car thieves. I was sure he made that up as he went along but it didn't matter.

As it turned out the insurance ($800+ in New York) on that first set of wheels did in fact surpass the actual cost of the car (a '68 Mercury Cougar XR-7 bought for $500 in 1977) so it is with that in mind that I share what many of you may want to know... a list of the the least expensive cars to insure.

When people think of car insurance, they usually think of their last bill or what they have been paying for years with their old car. Most of the time, it’s price shock when they get the new bill on their car. In most cases, newer cars come with a larger price tag since its more expensive to get parts and replace a newer car if something goes wrong, according to consumer-car-reviews.com.

There are some cars, however, where this isn’t the case. There are some models of cars that are fairly inexpensive for changing parts, as well as having a fantastic safety record. For insurance companies, the safer the car, the more likely it is you won’t have to make a claim – making your insurance cheaper in the long run! So really, it’s in your benefit to look at a list of least expensive cars to insure for the year you are considering buying a car.

Want to know how you can save the most money on your new car? Here are the 10 least expensive cars to insure:

1. Ford Edge SE
2. Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
3. Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium
4. Kia Sportage
5. Jeep Patriot Sport
6. Chevrolet Express 1500
7. Hyundai Tuscan GL
8. Ford Explorer
9. Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
10. Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium

Consumer-car-reviews.com also recommends that you think about the cost of insuring your car if you're thinking of buying a used car too. When it comes to getting the least expensive cars to insure, always look into the safety history of your car and how easy it to repair the car if you are in an accident. These are the things insurance companies look at when they determine insurance prices on certain models of cars. Be sure to shop around.