Give the Texas DOT some credit. They've got some great ways to get motorists to pay attention. Texas aims to keep the air clean and encourage state residents to conserve fuel while offering a chance to win a free 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The DOT's statewide campaign offers tips for keeping the air clean and saving money too.

“Harmful, ground-level ozone is formed when chemicals found in vehicle exhaust and other sources combine with sunlight and heat,” said Margo Richards, TxDOT Travel Information Division director. “The good news is that all drivers can make a difference in our air quality. Simple steps such as checking your tire pressure and getting your car tuned up on schedule can reduce tailpipe emissions, improve fuel economy and save drivers money at the pump.”

Why all the fuss? Because Texas is a state with more than 20 million licensed vehicles and a population that loves to drive. TxDOT says: "Our love affair with automobiles has meant that, in some areas of the state, emissions from cars and trucks make up half of all the air pollution."

They want folks to know that taking care of the little things can bring savings too.

For instance, if you keep the correct pressure in your tires, you can help keep the air clean and save about $85 a year in gas. Drive Clean Across Texas also warns that driving a car in need of maintenance can add $120 to annual gas spending.

For more tips on keeping the air clean and saving money on gas, visit the Drive Clean Across Texas website at Drive Clean Across Texas.

Visitors also can register online for a chance to win a low-emission, gas-saving Ford Fusion Hybrid car sponsored by the Dallas Cowboys and tickets to a Cowboys game. The deadline for entering is Sept. 15, 2013. The winner will be announced at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 6. For all you Cowboys fans, they're hosting the Denver Broncos.

Now let's encourage the DOTs in the remaining states with NFL teams to follow TxDOT's lead. It's a great way to generate fuel conservation awareness and better auto care too.