Beware motorists or travelers in/to New York: take a lot of greenbacks if you plan on filling up, or keep your eyes open: paying credit for gas could get you back hundreds every month.

Some gasoline stations in New York have caused credit wielding motorists to seek harbor at credit-friendly gas stations, with some stations seen charging $1 more per GALLON, not per tank, for using your plastic money. Some gougers even insist on an extra $2-per gallon for use of the funny money Visa or MC.

In this day in age, I suppose I'm very happy our loyal New York spotters make note of this, with the front page of dotted with extra comments, such as "($5.59 FOR CREDIT)" or "(credit $2 more)"

What a rip off! Such a a rip off in fact, that even the head of the Long Island Gas Retailers Association was quoted by CBS as saying "I know I personally, I would never pay that." However, New York is trying to clean things up (next, work on cleaning up the city!) CBS New York says "One bill being proposed in New York would require gas stations to prominently display cash and credit prices on large curbside signs." Well it's about time.

This scam needs to end- there are too many "tricks" that some less than honest stations utilize- like advertising the price of gasoline with an additional $20 purchase (really? Who's going to spend $20 inside a gas station- I don't need $3 Ramen noodles!) It would seem that the few stations utilizing this trick don't have a PR problem with what they're doing, but maybe they like ruining it for the rest of the good station owners who only charge a modest 10c/gal more for credit...

We're staying on this story to see if a law develops. I'm rooting for all stations to have simple street pricing- and one that doesn't look like the periodic table of the elements.