With high gasoline prices here to stay, many are seeking alternate travels to their destinations. I took Amtrak service a month ago and was completely blown away and will definitely be riding again. A close friend also took Amtrak this weekend and loved every moment- the leg room, the comfortable seats- everything.

So recent news that surfaced may give Amtrak a black eye just as ridership begins to significantly increase. Norfolk Southern, a major railroad company with thousands of miles of railroad tracks just informed Amtrak that they must slow their trains between Chicago and Detroit from a recently approved 110mph speed limit to a service-crippling 25mph.

Amtrak immediately issued long-term travel advisories stating travel times would significantly rise, mitigating one huge advantage- a very fast ride. Amtrak's recent release pegged the slow down as costing travelers on the famous blue and silver train as much as 45 to 90 minutes.

This comes just a couple months after the line had been approved for Amtrak traffic at a lightning fast 110mph. Even a bigger slap in the face is that the State of Michigan Department of Transportation had spent millions of dollars to upgrade the line at the state's expense.

Even as the state has invested, the reason Norfolk Southern cited for the slowdown was additional improvements that are set to begin in three weeks. Amtrak cites that the work could be performed at different times of the day to result in less interruptions.

Read more from an official release from MDOT and Amtrak.