At a time when raw crude oil prices have dropped some 20% from $87 to $69 and gasoline prices drop, sources tell me that Shell has indicated they'll be raising prices on prices of some of their lubricants by as much as 8%. Shell cites the increased cost of raw materials and says that price increases will be implemented in early June.

With Shell making their announcement, it is likely that other lubricant manufacturers will follow Shell's lead, increasing their prices as well. Price increases will likely show up in automotive part stores, quick lube locations, dealer service centers, and gas stations. The increase could be short lived as oil prices and related petroleum product prices dive, but that remains to be seen.

I suppose it is a good thing then that most newer vehicles can go further on one oil change than they could years ago. Some new cars can go up to 7,500 miles before the manufacturer suggests a change of oil. Be sure to check with your dealer or manufacturer for the suggestion- but don't call the service center of the dealer- they may tell you the suggested time frame is lower than it actually is. Much is at stake with oil changes- a major source of revenue for dealers and lube locations.

I guess it is bittersweet- gasoline prices are falling and will continue to do so, but at the same time another oil related product is getting more expensive. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but hey- $150 oil didn't make sense either and yet it happened. I guess it is a good thing I change my own oil and save money doing so- that way the increased cost of oil by the quart won't mean much for me.