With gasoline prices finally trending lower, many families will feel a bit less pressure on their summer vacation plans. However, gasoline prices remain at elevated levels, leading many families to stay closer to home and travel regionally.

In the coming weeks, I plan on writing about the best amusements each region has to offer- things to do to keep you closer to home. Some of these facilities and parks I had the pleasure of visiting already, and can recommend them based on personal experience. Some, I will be travelling to in the days ahead.

We'll cover each region with the best amusements for families, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, waterparks, and more! We'll also be sure to tell you how far the distance is, and estimate the cost of gas at your destination.

This is a new feature we're trying out so be sure to check back daily to see when we post destinations in your region! In the process of visiting some of these facilities to review them ourselves, we will also be driving there in new fuel efficient vehicles and be able to share our real world experience when it comes to some new vehicle fuel economy ratings!

Is there any place your family already loves to visit in your own state or nearby?